Commercial Training

At present we don’t know what you need or why. You may have different requirements based on geography, division, market place, experience, etc.

Until this has been established we can’t offer a programme, because at Growth First we don’t believe in sheep dipping people, it will waste everyone’s time.

However, below is a list of course titles that we can offer, we find that changing the course names to fit with other in-house initiatives really helps support use and ownership, so before committing to a course title give us a call and see how we can customise delivery to suit you.


  • Sales Skills at all levels
  • Negotiate Skills
  • Account Management
  • Telephone Training, all disciplines
  • Value Proposition Training
  • Leadership Skills
  • Sales Process
  • Developing Sales Strategy, Business or territory plans.
  • Presentation skills
  • Written communications skills

Below are a number of “corner stones” that can be used to develop bespoke courses for your teams. It is an opportunity to mix and match your teams need to ensure maximum return from the training.

Business Area Est. Length
Creating a business plan
By either creating territories, countries, account or opportunity plans, and then set targets
3-4 hours
Creating a Sales funnel
Creating a sales funnel by stage
Track opportunities through funnel
Understand where prospect is in process
Define the key stages in the sales funnel & identify both parties role
2 -4 hours
Creating a decision making unit
Who is buying
Why are they buying?
1- 4 hours
Who should I be targeting?
How do I increase my chance of winning?
What common features are there in accounts I have won in the past?
2-3 hours
Telephone training – securing appointments
Why are we doing this?
Elevator speech – 1 minute sell
Market trends/ what is important to different job titles
What could I ask. (recap qualification questions)
What information could I offer?
Creating the challenge statement & question
What did we do for them? Reference selling
What did it achieve for them?
2-8 hours
Call preparation sheet
What is in it for the customer?
What is in it for me?
How to structure a meeting
2- 4 hours
Questioning technique
Qualification questions
Closed confirmation questions
New Information questions
Attitude questions
Establishing needs by drilling into issues
Getting the customer to take action questions
Questions to uncover objections
What questions might the customer prepare?
3-5 hours
Creating a value proposition
5 x 5 process
Need, Feature, Benefit, Advantage, Prove it.
Product, Market sector, Competition, Job role, Geography.
3- 8 hours
Written communication
Minutes of meeting
Discussion document
1-6 hours
Objection Handling
List 10 objections you face
Forms of resistance
Why do people raise complaints?
How to receive and handle objections
2 hours
Negotiation Skills
5 Golden rules of negotiation. 15 minutes each rule
2 – 4 hours
Presentation Skills 0.5 -2 days


We would love to meet you to look at developing the program you want.