In order to provide the best possible outcome it’s essential to understand your requirements.  Below is just an example of the process we have used to  engage with other customers.


  1. Define what you want to FIX, ACCOMPLISH, AVOID and why. Once you’ve identified what you would like to change we need to understand what the solution looks like and how it will help you and the company.
  2. Understand your business by spending time with key leaders and the team.
  3. Ensure we understand how to measure results.
  4. Assess individual/team needs …no sheep dipping.
  5. Design programs, test if necessary and deliver.
  6. Assess programs, create anchors and monitor adoption.
  7. Post course assistance through email, online meetings or team meetings.
  8. Coaching.


By doing this we will help your team become unconsciously competent in all aspects of the sales and account management processes.