Catchy Fact Number 6

Technology’s Role in Improving Business Results, getting CRM data correct and seen as a way of supporting business growth is still a challenge in many organisations

Catchy Fact Number 5

2020 sales survey identified the Apathy Loop, When I work with sellers, they “meet” but don’t exceed expectations. How can your team address this?

Catchy Fact Number 4

Sales leaders highlighted: “Our biggest challenge is being able to articulate the value we deliver to our clients”

Catchy Fact Number 3

As companies re-engage with sales, one key fear is a lack of quality coaching from line managers

Catchy Fact Number 2

As opportunities become bigger and more complex, knowledge and best practice sharing and sharing across the organisation from high performers has become essential

Catchy Fact Number 1

In 2020 change is affecting us more than ever, do you know what is changing in your customer Market place, within their customer base, what is their competition doing differently and how has this impacted their organisation , products and Strategy. Knowing this is how we open real conversations with them.