Assessment Centre

Growth First has designed their assessment centre using a blend of six sigma methodologies, competency modeling and 30 years of practical experience.


What is an assessment centre?
An assessment centre is an event compromising of different exercises and tests, observed by a multidisciplinary panel. It brings individuals together in a group so they can be subject to a range of selection methods typically  including group exercises and role play, individual interviews and psychometric tests.

When to use assessment centres?assessment2
There are 4 key reasons for running assessment centres:-

  1. Bench marking before training to understand development needs.
  2. Part of the recruitment process.
  3. Support for organisations.
  4. Understand team dynamics and needs.

What will you gain from running them?

  1. Better recruitment decisions.
  2. Help develop individuals and teams.
  3. Invest in the right development areas.
  4. Save money and time by getting the right people first time.
  5. Avoid trying to fit square pegs into round holes.

In order to maximise the results we will help design the centre to meet the needs of your company.  The centres can be run at your offices or off site.