Aston Business Assessments


Growth first have worked with Aston Business Assessments (a spin out company from Aston University) to develop a psychometric tool specifically for assessing personality and core competencies for sales and customer service.

Aston Business Assessments is a spin out company from Aston University and its leading Business School.

The company was set up by work and organisational psychologists working at the University with the aim of making effective psychometric assessment simpler and more accessible.

We specialise in assessment and development of people at work, and our team have a wealth of business and academic experience in consulting, psychometric research, and delivering assessment and learning interventions in organisations.

In these areas, and at the core of ABA, is the application of sound science to make significant impacts in organisations and business.

Our mission is to make effective psychometric assessment simpler and more accessible. What this means in practice is creating scientifically sound, useable psychometric instruments that are clear, easy to interpret, and which avoid unnecessary complexity.

Science without complexity – At ABA we believe effective assessment need not be complex. We like assessment science to be applied clearly and simply.

Usability – Our personality measure – Trait – follows the latest findings of personality research, presenting it in a straightforward and easy-to-use format, focused on our client needs.

Simple yet detailed – In the design of Trait, we have captured all elements important to assessment of personality – whilst keeping it simple we have not sacrificed the detail our clients need.

Evidence first – We never sell products without research evidence that they work. We are open in sharing the findings of our research.

No gimmicks – We avoid including costly additions to our products for the sake of marketing or product differentiation.

Openness – Our culture is friendly, open, and honest. This means we are open about when our products can contribute effectively and when they cannot. We value building relationships with clients so that our assessments are used in the right way.